Sex Meditation Can Totally Boost Your Sex Life. Here’s How…

Are your daily stress and never-ending to-do lists interfering with your orgasm? Meditation may be exactly the thing you need.

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Having great sex can be a cathartic experience. It can lower your blood pressure, be a killer source of exercise, boost your immune system, and further intimacy with your partner(s). 

But nothing kills the mood faster than a stressed mind. 

When was the last time you were in your body while you were having sex? The last time you were fully present instead of planning your schedule for the next day, or going over your endless list of to do’s? Are you worried about having or giving an orgasm, so much so that you don’t fully enjoy the experience?

Meditation and sex are not two words we often hear together. But we think they should be. Most people think of meditation and immediately recall images of perfectly calm people sitting alone in silence. A far cry from the loud, noisier, and sweatier imagery, we remember when we talk about sex. But good sex isn’t just a physical activity. It starts with your mind. Sexual pleasure has a lot to do with your attitude toward the sex, and, as such, mindfulness can play a big part in helping you have the best experience possible.

We all experience random thoughts while having sex. But when these thoughts come up and we wander away with them; we lose contact with the sensations and intricacies of the present moment. We limit the richness and depth of the sex we’re having.

Practicing mindfulness can help us identify when our thoughts are hijacking our sexual experience and avoid the downward spiral of stress and anxiety. Helping us have better and more stress-free sex.

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Not Convinced? Check out this amazing talk on Meditation for Mind-Blowing Sex 

Are you ready to give this a try?  

Here are 3 Guided Meditations For Better Sex to Get You Started. Enjoy!

1. Pleasure Boost - Guided Meditation for Better Sex

2. Guided Meditation: Sexual Performance Anxiety

3. Couples Guided Meditation - Intimacy

Have you tried using meditation to boost your sex life? What did you think? Let us know on social media @Premiercouples We'd love to know! 

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