How to Prep for Anal Play

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Spontaneous sex is fun, but when it comes to anal play, a little prep can make the experience better for both the receiver and the giver. 

Here are the top tips for preparing your body for anal play (Courtesy of the Reddit community) 

Anal Prep for the receiver:

  1. Watch your diet. Try to consume a diet full of fibrous vegetables and less red meat (or foods that can make you bloated). If veggies aren’t really your thing, start taking fiber capsules. This should make your bowel movements more regular, so it’ll be easier to gauge when it’s a good time for anal play.  
  1. Get a good anal douche (But be careful! Using these often could upset your gut bacteria and have negative health effects). 
  1. Practice good hygiene – This one should be obvious, but still important to mention! 
  1. Start with your finger and work your way up with toys 
  1. Get a smaller dildo or butt-plug to start. Try different positions and toys to get a sense of your anatomy and to find out what works for you! Check out our anal play toys. 
  1. Don’t skip the lube – And make sure you use the right type! If you’re using lube with your sex toys go for a water-soluble lube. And read the instructions on your toys and condoms to make sure the lube you’re using is compatible with their material. Need a little help finding the right lube? Our Lube Guide will answer all your questions.  
  1. Relax! Being relaxed and aroused are key, especially if this is your first foray into butt play. 
  1. Enjoy! 

Check out our extensive line of Anal play toys and Lubes to get you ready for your next foray into butt play. 

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